Posted by: kendra | May 18, 2009

Christopher Hoppe Sentenced to 12 Years

Last year, Parsippany resident Christopher Hoppes ran into 2 men on a bicycle and left the scene. Late last week, he was sentenced to 12 years. Star Ledger article here.



  1. Read this on saturday.

    On a lighter note…..sculpture derby

  2. That sculpture derby looks like fun! Maybe next year? I was mad that also forgot about the trexlertown bike swamp thing.

  3. Found yr site via yr Flickr profile. Very interesting, tho I haven’t traveled on 2-wheels since I was 12.

    While I understand the grave nature of reckless driving, hit-and-run, and DUI, I do hope you also promote safe cycling. I’ve seen some cyclists in the Philly area pull some dangerous maneuvers while sharing the road with cars. And two acquaintances of mine caused accidents while cycling drunk. Each time, the motorist had to pay.

    I understand that in the Hoppe case, the motorist was clearly at fault. Just wanted to note that “share the road” works both ways.

  4. This was interesting looking up my name only to find someone with the same name as me listed here. Sorry to hear of the trouble he is in but I agree, share the road does work both ways. It isn’t always the driver’s fault when the bicyclist doesn’t pay attention and causes the accident but the driver always is to blame? Isn’t fair, is it? But leaving the scene was your biggest mistake Chris. Next time pay attention and never leave the scene even if you aren’t involved.

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