Posted by: kendra | May 8, 2009

Bike This Weekend Open Thread


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It looks like there are still open spots for the Savvy Cyclist class tomorrow at Washington Headquarters. I went to the last one, and I was glad I did, just to get some specific traffic questions answered. Lots of dif types of riders were at the last class, and it was really great.

Also, check out signing up or volunteering to help out at the Revolutionary Ramble coming up on June 13.

Also feel free to continue debating the 3 foot passing rule that was proposed, but seems to be sidetracked, maybe. After the jump, check out what NJ reps are saying about cycling issues when talking about the 3 foot passing rule.

Here’s a link to audio of people talking about it and some breakdown of what was said during discussion of it. I mean discussion by policy makers, not just us.

Audio of the hearing –

Paraphrased passages:

15:45 – Testimony by Zoe Baldwin from Tri State Transportation Campaign and Ranjit Walia from the Voorhees Transportation Institute at Rutgers

31:35 – Sponsor – Senator Oroho – Purpose sharing the road and raising awareness-shared responsibility

Then the questions begin and it all goes downhill

31:59 Unknown – Who has the right of way on the road, does the car have the right of way? Or does pedestrian have right way? Or does the bike have the right of way? And I ask that because I think that most of the roads have been designed in NJ principally for vehicular traffic, for motor vehicular traffic and i can think of a whole host of situations where us providing some sort a distance requirement without studying the consequences of it. Like the three foot thing but just wondering do we have to pass a person by three feet do we a pass a person by three feet and why we would want to provide three feet for a bicyclist and not providing three feet for a person crossing the centerline and sanctioning that. Sounds to me problematic. What happens on roads that have barriers what happens when a bicycle comes in a different direction. Just so many issues ithink there are so m many consequences that what you are trying to do with the existing infrastructure.

And then the opinion of the bicycling in Hudson County:

33:40 I am going to tell you – Hudson County? Safe Bicycling Lanes – New York City?

33:44 Rocco – I have a lot of problems with the bill as it is. If you are driving in an urban area there is just no way to give three feet. No way to move across the line without getting hurt on the other side of it so this is a very difficult bill. Suggest it go back to the sponsor. I mean the the fault of the driver, I can see myself driving down Bergenline Avenue in Hudson County and there is absolutely no way that three feet would work certainly not a half a lane you are just in such a heavily congested area. I think these issues have to be addressed so the drivers aren’t penalized just because they are not within a half a lane or three feet?

34:33 The Fault of the Driver

35:02 Oroho (sponsor) – Would like to stay with the 3 foot lane rural area with the lines. Explains it is modeled after 13 other states.

Have you worked with DOT on this Bill – The roads were built for cars. COnfident that you call

37:00 Rocco – Hold the bill – maybe it has to be a bill that makes sense in different regions. There may be some regions some areas, those that have bike lanes, those that don’t…

37:40 – I would hate to see motorists penalized when a bicyclist is riding on a road that isn’t safe to start out and maybe they shouldn’t be there…

38:20 Bill on hold no need for more testimony

38:44 Baldwin – Language that is in front of you has been sanctioned by the Department of Transportation.



  1. Montclair gets $334,000 in grants for safe routes to school!

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