Posted by: kendra | May 5, 2009

Asheville Speedway

Check out how Asheville took their old motor speedway and turned it into a track for bikes.

Asheville Speedway, 1999.

Asheville Speedway, 2002.

I’m still in North Carolina, and a friend took me to see the new parks (since I moved anyhow) that are down by the river and I was looking at the speedway yesterday and sorta freaked out when I realized it was the old Asheville speedway. Very clever on Asheville’s part! Asheville continues to be awesome.



  1. Is this the Carrier Park? We spent the night in the shelter next to the track. I should have done a lap with the loaded touring bike.

    • yeah! it is!

  2. oops, I meant this link!

  3. Sucks if you ask me, how many more parks do we need for freaks to hang out at.

  4. Yes, it was a great race track that many people enjoyed.I took my kids by it one afternoon to tell them about my dad taking my to the track when I was a kid and we had a drunk hit us up for money, scared my two kids, I had to run him off. Funny, they never had people like that hang out at the races, doing drugs and all that but now it is no place to take your kids. I would never be there after the sun goes down, they say it gets really bad at night.

  5. Yes, Asheville is full of stupid tree huggers that only care about themselfs and they do nothing for anyone else that does not feel the way they do.

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