Posted by: kendra | April 17, 2009

Bike This Weekend Open Thread

Sunlight Chasers

Originally uploaded by Su Inc (Very Busy)

The weather is totally perfect today! And tomorrow is going to be even better!



  1. The ride in was a little chilly, but I think I’ll be taking a long detour on the way home.

  2. I took the savvy cyclist class today and managed to ignore a ‘no turn on red’ sign and also run a red light! That was not very savvy of me.

  3. A beautiful day for bike riding. I dusted off my old 10 speed and took it out for a spin. What a different experience from my mountain bike. The chill is good for keeping cool.

  4. I went on a fun bike/hike. Biked up Waterloo Rd and Sussex Branch rail trail, and hiked around Allamuchy. Pics here!

  5. I rode the Red Trail loop at the Tourne on Sunday. Good times, and for me as a MTB novice, there were challenging hills, and the boulders made for a nice technical ride.

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