Posted by: kendra | April 15, 2009

The State Can’t Do Anything to Make Cycling Safer?

This Daily Record editorial today talks about the 3-foot passing bill and brings up former Mayor Ed Koch’s attempt to bring bike lanes to NYC:

Still, we think back to when then-New York City Mayor Ed Koch went to China and returned with the idea of instituting bike lanes on city streets. That proved impractical, and the idea was scrapped.

We feel the same way about what Oroho wants to do. Biking on our crowded roads is often dangerous, and there really isn’t all that much the state can do to make it safer.

It makes me wonder if whoever has written this has been to nyc lately?



  1. Post on Koch era bike lanes.

  2. Ok so i wanted to know about the ed koch bike lanes in NYC as well so i started internetting it up. I found this and its pretty interesting. Hope i am not repeating stuff. Below is a bit about Sam Schwartz.

    “Gridlock” Sam Schwartz
    Professional Experience

    From 1982-86, Sam Schwartz served an extremely successful term as New York City’s Traffic Commissioner before going on to serve the next four years as the New York City Department of Transportation’s Chief Engineer/First Deputy Commissioner.

    After nearly twenty years with the New York City Department of Transportation, Mr. Schwartz moved from public service in 1990 to join Hayden-Wegman Consulting Engineers, Inc. as Senior Vice President in charge of transportation engineering, infrastructure, quality control and planning.

  3. heres the link

  4. this is me youtubeing my ass off

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