Posted by: kendra | April 15, 2009

Super Casual Meet-Up II

If you missed out on Tito’s Burritos tonight, we are doing it again tomorrow since idea people couldn’t make it tonight. So some of the ideas blurted out over margaritas slushies were midnight rides, hauling coffee grounds from the coffee shops in town to the new community garden, a music ride, bike to high school day with doughnuts and valet parking, parking for people who bike commute half way in one of the parking garages, diner rides, cruiser rides, where we can show bike movies, geocaching rides, scavenger hunt rides, the yard sale rides, mom and tots ride, a father’s day ride, local monument tour, and my favorite, a ladies manicure ride. I would love to see 10 or 20 bikes locked up outside a nail salon. Maybe we could get little bikes painted on our nails.



  1. Ew! I LOVE the coffee/ compost idea!!!

  2. Love this. Want to do it sometime.

  3. yeah! I think we should have a casual meet-up every month the week after the ride while people are still full of good ideas.

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