Posted by: dean | April 2, 2009

Bike Video Thursday – Drive Your Bike

I believe in the ‘drive your bike’ style of road cycling.  Always be Visible, Predictable, Make Cars Share the Road, and try to follow the law at all times.  Know what I mean?   This is actually a pretty good video, uhmmmm, yeah……just ignore the  music.    Oh and ignore the bike fit guy cause you may enjoy a bike with a high top tube, though lots of leg extension is usually good…(move that saddle up til your hips rock, then back it down a hair), <–saddle fore-aft is way more complicated–>, oh anyway! you can also ignore the helmet banter in this video if you want to.  



  1. man, that is the ugliest bar tape i’ve seen.

  2. It reminds me of thos awesome Zuba pants or whatever they are called. You know the ones cut like MC Hammer pants but with aggressive zebra stripping in the colors of your favorite NFL team? Money.

  3. I’ll say it. The yellow and black attack!! Anyone remember Stryper? Hahaha.

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