Posted by: kendra | March 27, 2009

Bike This Weekend Open Thread

Framestand, circa 1986/87

Originally uploaded by ★

Tonight is the Morristown bike ride and it is going to be SIXTY SOMETHING DEGREES. Nice!!!!

Show up at town hall, 200 South Street and bring some coins if you want to get some burritos afterwards at Tito’s.

Here’s some more info on the Art of the Bicycle Show coming up in June:

Last friday in June. we are having a hard time finding artists! This time we are doing fine arts, plus crafty, functional art made out of bike parts. IE: jewlery, frames, ect…

we may also add a unique Bike show to the event. Like an old car show, but with bikes.

If you are interested in showing some work, contact

See you tonight!



  1. Last night I went to a focus group thing and used the opportunity to yammer on about bikes and Morristown. I was really surprised by some of the comments by people who drive into town tho; there seemed to be an agreement among them that getting rid of parking around the green or making those meters 10 or 15 minutes would make the town better. They seem to say that while they knew there were parking garages within a block of the green, they were just used to circling around the green and South Street looking for a parking space, and if they disappeared they would do the sensible thing by going into the garage and congestion in the center of town might ease up.

    So this morning I ran into a friend who has a new job at a bank in town and was complaining that to get to work they had to park in the garage and walk from that garage about HALF A BLOCK to get to work.

    Anyhow, it was interesting to hear drivers say that parking needs to go.

  2. Don’t check out this streetsblog post on music videos if you want to avoid spoilers for future bike video Thursdays.

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