Posted by: kendra | March 17, 2009

Back to the Bikes

Last week I was at the National Bike Summit and it was pretty awesome. I have a lot to say about it, but as you all know, I am very slow about writing about important stuff. I would check out Bike Portland to get real info on it, as they were blogging right from there the entire time.

Anyhow, there was a group of people from New Jersey, and we met with our congress members to talk about Complete Streets, Safe Routes to Schools, Clean TEA (The Clean Low-Emissions Affordable New Transportation Equity Act), and some other issues. Anyhow, I am bringing this up because you do not have to go to visit your representatives to let them know what you are thinking about.

Today at the Morris County Library, you can let Senator Lautenberg know what your concerns are, and him to support Complete Streets too. Here’s the blurb.

Senator Frank Lautenberg is launching a round of “mobile offices” for constituents who don’t get into Newark. His staff will be here at the library March 17th, Tuesday, 10AM-2PM to hear your concerns and problems.


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