Posted by: kendra | March 13, 2009

Bike This Weekend Open Thread

I’m back! I had a blast and some wine and learned a lot and met a bunch of really awesome people and now I’m going to fall asleep.

Tomorrow is the Morristown St. Patrick’s day parade and I am going to ride my bike with the Star Ledger folks, so if you go, yell at me. I mean, in a nice way..

Sunday! Marty’s in Hackettstown is going to be that town’s parade, and is inviting folks to be in their group! I want to go, but I already said I would go to Hoboken. That Hackettstown store does really fun stuff. Give them a call for details,, here’s the info I have:

This Sunday March 15th is the 1st Annual St. Patricks Day Parade. Over 40 organizations will be participating, and Marty’s Reliable Cycle is one of them! We are inviting you and your family to be part of the parade. We will be riding our bicycles together in the parade, and our only requirement is that you do something festive either to yourself, or your bike.

We will be meeting at the Marty’s Reliable Cycle (160 Main Street) prior to the parade. Please be here no later that 2:30, and together we will ride to the start of the parade. The parade will begin promptly at 3:30 and last for approximately 45 minutes or less. The distance is approximately 2 miles or less.

Ride on!



  1. One thing I want to mention before I try to do a big recap, is that I was at the reception on Thursday night and chatting with a woman from New York state and she was telling me about her friend who lived in jersey and in his town they had a mayor that rode everywhere, and it turned out she was talking about Denville.

    ok, I’m going to morristown st patricks day parade. I’ll be on my bike, but there was some sort of glitch with the star ledger munch mobile and I might be the munch mobile and have to some how have a fake tofu dog on my helmet. Please tell me that it looks great if you see me.

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