Posted by: kendra | March 3, 2009

Do You Ride Your Bike in Chester?

On Thursday evening, the DOT is having a meeting to talk about improvements to Route 206/Main Street in Chester. According to this Daily Record article, there is going to be a 19.5 million dollar project to put in a turn lane and side walks and what not. I do not see any mention of bike lanes or improvements. If that is an area that you have an opinion on, the meeting runs from 5 to 8 at Chester Borough Municipal Building at 300 Main Street.



  1. 206 does suck in that area. I hate driving in a car on it. Going by bike there on 206 would be very very dangerous, never done it, just back roads. Chester did just upgrade their sidewalks on main st/24 whatever it is. The roadway is real crap right now.

  2. […] this may or may not be true, but earlier this month I posted about improvements to Main Street in Chester, and someone who went to the meeting is gossiping that are now going to be bike lanes on this […]

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