Posted by: kendra | February 23, 2009

Where You Can Find a Bicycle Rack in Morristown

So far 16 bike racks have been installed, 20 more are ready to go, and 4 morehave been delivered to the Morristown Parking Authority and I just have to check to see where they are putting them. If you are out and about in Morristown, here’s a list of bike friendly businesses that bought a bike rack and some that are getting one from a grant from TransOptions. This list might change if someone notices I made a mistake.

Installed: 16 Bicycle Racks

Century 21 1
Town of Morristown, 1
Marty’s Reliable Cycle 2
Ricciardi Brothers: South Street 1
Fitness Together: Bank Street 1
Somerset Hills Bank 1
Braunschweiger Jewelers 1
Glassworks Studio: 1
Swiss Chalet Bakery 1
Morristown Memorial Hospital 4
Salon Botanique: South Street 2

Bicycle Racks to be Installed:   20

Salon Botanique:  1 to be installed in front of King’s, 191 South Street                1

Tito’s Burritos: 26 Washington Street                         1

Morristown Partnership:  15 Maple Avenue                    1

Robert Lloyd Coutts and Sons Insurance:  46 Washington Street        1

EmbroidMe:  16 Pine Street                            1

Teaching Room:  158 South Street                        1

TransOptions Grant Bicycle Racks:                          14

A&P, 110 Washington Street:  1
Post Office, 1 Morris Street:  1
Community Theatre, 100 South Street:  1
Morristown-Morris Township Library:
1 Miller Road (install on South Street entrance side):  1
Rite-Aid, 15 N Park Place:  1
Market Street Mission, 9 Market Street:  1
Neighborhood House, 12 Flagler Street:  1
Morristown Diner, 73 Morris Street:  1
Dunkin Donuts, 59 Morris Street    1
First Baptist Church (Our Place), 51 Washington Street  1
Church of the Redeemer, 36 South Street (Soup Kitchen) 1
St. Peter’s Church, 70 Maple Avenue (Soup Kitchen/Hospitality Link) 1
UPS Store, 45 Park Place:  1



  1. The town installed A WHOLE MESS OF BIKE RACKS today!!!

    If the plaques weren’t ready, it looks like they just put in the rack and will put the plaque up later! AWESOME!

    I saw one in front of King’s, 2 in front of a&p, enjou chocolate, teaching room…

    I was so excited, as you can imagine!

  2. Kendra-
    I can’t believe how many racks are going in!!!
    Great work!

  3. It is pretty awesome! I think once the glitches get worked out, we can really start the second wave of getting businesses to sign on to get one or two.

    All these new restaurants should get one1

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