Posted by: kendra | February 20, 2009

Bike This Weekend Open Thread

Morristown Pedal Pushers

Originally uploaded by kendra e

Yay! It’s the weekend!

First, here’s a nifty pic that I keep meaning to use on this page if I ever get around to fixing it up. I asked Simone Meltesen to come up with something for the blog, and I think it’s pretty awesome. She also came up with a design for a sticker based on something Dean posted, but I haven’t ordered any stickers yet because I’m waiting to see if Dean is going to claim some sort of copyright infringement if I make some up.

Second, check out this Eco Velo photo contest. You know you have some New Jersey bike pics that could win.

Third! Last! It occurred to me last night that there are a million bike blogs popping up every day and why not just link to one on Friday. Sarting with this one, which belongs to the guy who took this awesome pic and now we are totally lifelong facebook friendsters. Check out this his blog, Bike Dates, which is about going out on your bikes for you know, dates. and commuting. and everything else.

I spend way too much time reading gossip blogs, I admit, but it was funny to see that he sold his Burley trailer on Craiglist to Liev Schreiber and then saw a pic of it in People magazine. That never happens to me.



  1. The graphics you come up with are the best. Really great. And thanks for the link! You are a true friendster indeed!

  2. Police Officer Who Shoved a Bicyclist Is Off the Job

  3. That is a really cool pic. Would be a nice photo with Morristown in the background. And “A Historic Bicycle Tour of Morritown” map.

  4. The copy incident was a stupid mistake. Maybe he’ll grow up, he’s still young…

  5. Argh!!! Cop incident.

  6. Screw off devil!

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