Posted by: kendra | February 17, 2009

Some Random Rambling On and On

I feel like I have not been posting very much lately, and it’s probably because I have real stuff to do, like work and making comments on facebook and staring out the window thinking it looks like it is warm out. Here’s a list of things that I’m thinking about now that spring is sorta on the way.

1. Figure out what is going on with the bike racks. The Morristown Partnership and Town are going to continue installing bike racks around town. I have a list of who has bought them, and where they are going, and hopefully they will be installed by Bike to Work week.

2. I’m going to the National Bike Summit in DC next month, which I think will be pretty awesome.

3. I’m going to see if we can get some bikes in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, maybe under one group or another.

4. I think some folks in town are leaning towards starting a bike ped non-profit, which is pretty exciting for me. I’m going to get some stuff on this in the next month and see where people want to go with it.

5. Today I did not have any coffee. Seriously. Right now I’m totally addicted to these freaky green smoothies with kale or collard greens or dandelion greens. It is only a matter of time before I get a bike blender and just start whipping them up in empty parking spaces with weeds from people’s yards. That will go over well, I’m pretty sure.

Anyhow, that’s a list, tho it’s not a very clear one. I’ll try to get at least #1 up by Friday and see where to go from there.



  1. Ok, #5. I’m back on the coffee today, but only because Dave told me drinking coffee helps prevent strokes for women. At least I know I can go without coffee, right?

  2. did he also mention that pureed kale just is nasty? LOL

  3. no! I totally think you can’t taste it if you put a few apples in it! I’ll get you on the green smoothies if it’s the last thing I do.

  4. My moms cousin from Germany, Gabbi, is coming to visit in a couple weeks. She only eats raw vegetarian stuff. My mom is kinda tense, does’nt know what to feed her! Where should they go shopping? And whats the deal with this way of eating?

  5. Ok, I only stumbled on to raw foods last month, so I’m no expert. We went to a raw food restaurant in the city, and it was really awesome, and I was totally surprised by how great it was. It was so good that Dave has no problem going back last weekend, and he is a vegetarian that really does not care for vegetables. We’ve been veggie for a long time, but eat surprising little vegetables, so it is sort of exciting to have all these new recipes to mess around with.

    I don’t know where your mom lives, but I’d just google raw food and the biggest town near her and see what turns up.

    So, this is my impression of what raw food people like to eat, I could be totally wrong. Also I think when people have these freaky dietary restrictions, they do not actually expect people to cater to them, tho they probably would appreciate a lift to Whole Foods or a natural food store, or even a store with a big produce department.

    Ok, so here’s my impression: they like lots of greens and sprouts and all kinds of vegetables. if your mom is really into making stuff, the library probably has a bunch of books on what to make, but I would stick with simple stuff. Mixed greens, avocado, peppers, celery, tomatoes, tons of fruit, frozen fruit seems ok. Olive oil and oils like that work. Raw food folks seem to love coconut oil. Also coconut water from baby coconuts, which you can get in a carton at health food stores, which I tried and it is pretty awesome. Oh, and raw nuts, which are sold in the bulk aisle at wf and health shoppe.

    I don’t know what the deal is; I think people who adopt whatever diets have their own ideas of why or what’s healthy, so I don’t want to endorse any sort of non-science thing on this blog, since it’s a bike blog? I know I routinely discuss food and coffee and probably my cat, but even I have some limits. It is probably pretty healthy to eat more fruits and vegetables tho.

    If your mom has a blender, I’d just get frozen fruit and make smoothies.

    And to make this just barely bike theme-y, I have noticed in at leat 2 raw food books, that the authors encourage riding your bike to the farmer’s market.

  6. Is there anyone who didn’t read that long last comment, and think to themselves, “Kendra is trying a new faddy diet and is really embarrassed about it?”

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