Posted by: goodgrrrl! | February 4, 2009

How to get a bike lane without Town Hall

Bring it with you

Bring it with you!



  1. Yay! Thanks for posting this!

  2. That is pretty cool

  3. I love this!! You know where I want to use it…. 😀

  4. A virtual bike lane! Its cute but I think car headlights would washout/overpower the ‘bike lane’, if a car could see it I think they’d be confused, scared, ‘what the heck is that up ahead!’…not a really good reaction. This is a really cool idea but I cant help but think that a rear facing red light would be better. A red light on the back means I’m playing by the rules, following the law, I am just ‘driving’ along like a car I even sort of resemble a car with the red rear light, sharing the road, no special lane needed, no separate but equal bull. Of course I’ve never cycled in a bike lane, synthetic or real, for a long amount of time so I dunno what I’m talking about.

  5. I like the idea tho, I think this is sort of what my down low glow lights do — light up the area around you. I’d combine it with this vest that shows cars your speed:

    I think the one problem with the virtual bike lane, is that if you thought it was a bike lane and you were driving, you might be surprised that it veers around debris or a pothole, but maybe not.

    Anyhow I think more lights are better than less, but it is a clever idea, maybe it just needs some tweaking.

  6. Yeah, your lights are cool cause it lights up the road and you can see them shining down from the bike. I just think a mysterious ‘lane’ shining from seemingly nowhere would confuse & distract. They should integrate a normal ‘blinky’ kinda light in with the laser lane. I dont think this is an actual product you can buy yet anyway… Oh, and if you could switch between a bike lane and all sortsa different images that’d be cool, with a handlebar mounted switch.

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