Posted by: dean | January 29, 2009

Bike Video Thursday – Trains

An old man once told me “There is a train in every man and womans life”. I have an affection for ‘old timey’ things like trains so I though it was a nice saying and I hope it remains true.

So lets bring on the trains!

 China is investing heavily in rails, hi speed! Out into the hinterlands.

In 2008 PATH had record ridership.

In NJ we’re all surrounded by disused railroad rights of way. You’d be surprised by the amount. The metro area used to be the most densely tracked place in the world.

The retracking of the Lackawanna Cutoff (An old extension of the Morris & Essex to the Poconos and beyond to Scranton) is going oh so slowly. If this is fully tracked out you could potentially take a gorgeous train ride to the Delaware Water Gap, ride your bike around, and take the train back home. Or do a ride out, train back kind of thing.  Bikes and trains can be complementary.

More lines here!

More freight in Roxbury!



  1. old timey train shrewsbury train station, some ladies and their bikes

    Shrewsbury Train Depot

  2. I love riding the Delaware Water Gap area. Taking a train would be an awesome alternative than the car bike rack.

  3. Rail service to the DWG would be great, if it ever gets built. That CSX video clip, by the way, was filmed on North Union Avenue in the town where I grew up — Cranford, NJ!

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