Posted by: kendra | January 28, 2009

Jersey Girls Don’t Pump Gas: Morristown Critical Mass This Friday

There is the regular Morristown Critical Mass ride on Friday, meeting up at Town Hall at 6:30 on Friday. On this ride, folks are also trying to help out the Interfaith Food Pantry, so if you can bring along some food to donate, or drop it off at Marty’s any time. The flyer above is good for the next couple of months or anytime, since I think only the regular sort of crazies dedicated bicycle advocates and enthusiasts will show up until March or so. If you are regular sort of crazy, be there!

Also the the graphic on the flyer above is from a Critical Mass in Hungary, so thanks to them for sharing! One of their riders told me that they call that icon ‘Critical Miss,” which I think is awesome. That ride in Hungary is also the biggest bike ride in the world,with 80,000 riders! Blog post that mentions loaning their art to the Morristown ride here, so if you can translate, let us know what it says?



  1. Quick translation:

    Critical Miss was born for the 2006 spring CM ride. I uploaded my version to flickr, which was found now by kendra e dog walker girl and local activist from Morristown. She asked me for the drawing which i was happy to give and also showed her the original plans of xoner and ninja, hoping that they dont mind, if their work is making it overseas. If you wanna know more about the Morristown Pedal Pushers, check their blog or myspace profile.

  2. Thank you!!!

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