Posted by: kendra | January 26, 2009

Pedal Pushers 2009, Number 2: Geoffrey Thomas

Late last year, I was flipping through the League of American Bicyclists magazine, American Bicyclist, and there was an article in it about bike commuting, “Chartreuse is a Brilliant Shade of Green: Transforming your bike from a toy to a tool.” (here’s a link to a pdf of that issue and article!)

Anyhow, Dave also read it, only he noticed that the author mentioned riding his bike on Peapack-Gladstone Road and also that the author had brought his Green Machine repurposed road bike to a his local Critical Mass Ride, and at first I was thinking Peapack-Gladstone was also having a Crtiical Mass Ride, and we needed to check it out. It turns out that that CM Ride he was talking about was the one in Morristown, which I discovered after I invited myself over to see his bike and talk to him about bike commuting. That’s Geoffrey showing Dave some of the changes he made to his bike in the pic above.

Geoffrey is a great advocate for bicycling, and along with his wife Laurie, helped produce a map of safe bicycle routes in Madison, where he lives. He is also a huge advocate for Pedals for Progress, and we talked a little bit about the bikes that people throw out and how they can really be used again instead of cluttering up a landfill.

Anyhow, thanks to Geoff for his work as an advocate for bikes in Madison and in New Jersey. Last time I spoke with him, he mentioned he has another article that will be in future issue of the league’s magazine. If you make it to the Morristown Critical Mass this Friday night, you can wave to his wife Laurie, who is a regular at the Morristown Peace Vigil on the green.


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