Posted by: kendra | January 19, 2009

Pedal Pushers 2009, Number 1: John Tetz

John Tetz showed up a a few rides in Morristown with this bike that he put together, and this week he was profiled in the Daily Record, for not only his bicycles, but for his art. Here’s some info on how he put his bike together Here’s a bit from the Daily Record article:

John Tetz has the mind of an engineer and the soul of an artist. So he finds it irresistible to break things down in order to reconstruct them.

Take the bicycle.

“There’s not much you can do with an upright bike,” he said. “It’s frozen in its configuration. But a recumbent bike, wide open. You can do all kinds of things in shape, form and layout. When I discovered that, I took off with it.”

Which is why he is known for riding around Roxbury, his hometown for 48 years, on various recumbents he has designed, including in recent years an enclosed velomobile — a recumbent with a lightweight foam shell and an ultralight motor to give just a little help on hills. The retired Bell Labs technician says it will be the vehicle of the future for efficient local transportation if Americans can get over thinking of bikes as kids’ toys.

Thanks to Dean for the pointer!



  1. Everybody around Roxbury knows about this guy. He shares the road through the worst of the strip mall hell that is much of Succasunna.

  2. Yes, I dropped him an email and he wrote back that he uses the Velomobile nearly every day! He said he has been trying “viable, local, alternate, all season vehicles to help our planet for many years,” and that’s pretty awesome.

    Anyhow, I think he is a great start to the year!

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the Daily Record article. It didn’t come up in my search at work today.

  4. Ann says she almost ran into John backing her car out of a spot at the cheese block. She says she spotted a flag he was using at the time.

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