Posted by: dean | January 15, 2009

Bike Video Thursday – Winter Riding



  1. This was awesome! I love how that one woman decided her possible limit for biking would be negative 15. I wonder how she arrived at that?


    They are tested to nearly identical crash standards as bike helmets are well insulated (warm & fuzzy with ear flaps) and intended to work with ski goggles. I’d rather wear my ski helmet optimally situated on my head then to try to awkwardly plop my summer bike helmet over a warm hat. Using my ski helmet with a thin balaclava and ski goggles has made winter cold almost a total non issue.

    Today (Thursday), I wore all my regular but warmest office casual cloths augmented with long johns, my old brown hiking boots (almost look like normal shoes) and warm hiking socks. For a jacket I wore a tweed Scottish coat (stylish with “normal” people) with a Polartek fleece vest underneath. With my ski helmet I was warm and comfortable. After a 5 mile commute, I locked up, took of my helmet and balaclava and walked straight into the office looking like a “normal” person, no changing required!

    Also I really didn’t like the person they used as an example at the end. I have friends that look this way but tattoo, nose ring and dressed in a alternative lifestyle manner? Talk about screaming, “Normal people don’t do these things!”

    That’s exactly the wrong message!

    I did like the water bottle, mud(slush)guard idea. Might need to try that.

    Oh, BTW. Is that Celsius or Fahrenheit? I’m guessing Celsius (not as cold as F until -40).

  3. Anyone notice the blue grass version of the social D song? pretty cool.
    Im not one for cold riding. Never was. For those of you who do i applaud you….from inside.

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