Posted by: kendra | January 14, 2009

Bundle Up!

Windy City

Originally uploaded by jayhay2336

It’s pretty darn cold outside! It looks like the high temp today will 21, and on Friday it will be 17. Brrr. it looks like it will stay a bit cold until next Friday, January 23, when it will be a balmy 40 degrees, so don’t put away your snow clothes.

Yesterday I was walking my bike on the sidewalk coming out of the grocery store and this woman said to me that is was pretty crazy to ride a bike in this weather, and I replied with my standard that I just bundle up and I don’t really notice it. I did not say that it seemed pretty crazy to be walking in the freezing cold on an icy patch in heels and a skirt with your legs exposed to a brisk wind, but I did think it a little bit.

Anyhow, I’m going to the library tonight to the bicycling history lecture, then tomorrow night I’m crashing a Bike Montclair meeting to see what’s up over there. I have also been investigating the bike rack situation, and it looks like when spring arrives, it will bring some flowers and about 25 more bike racks around the downtown. Seriously, the bike rack thing is pretty awesome.



  1. Cool picture.

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