Posted by: dean | December 30, 2008

Wind Power

Whoa! Tailwinds today! 45mph gusts! I love it when I’m pedaling along and all of a sudden the wind hitting my eardrums stops because of tailwinds hitting my back! Silence except for whirring chain over gears, trees moaning as they bend, and some leaves skittering along the ground. The pedaling gets much easier too! I sit up straight and let it push me along feeling really lucky cause I know when I turn a corner this wind might be in my face!




  1. I’m a little nervous about it being windy, I’m trying to wait until the last second to leave. I don’t want to get blown over.

  2. It helps alot to keep on pedaling in a bigger than normal gear (spinning slower) when the wind is hitting you hard.

  3. I think I might take my cruiser, I think my bags on the xtraycle might catch the wind? I guess I could take them off, I’m lazy.

  4. When it gets really cold out, I wear a hooded sweatshirt underneath my jacket and put the hood up over my head. It blocks all the wind noise and its just like having a strong tail wind, you just hear the tires rolling and the chain spinning… and the car engine revving.

  5. Funny you should post this on Tuesday. That day I was down in Brigantine with a friend and we went for a long walk at the wildlife refuge at the north end of the island.

    To get there however we had to drive right past the large wind turbines at the Atlantic City Sewage Treatment Plant that runs almost exclusively on wind and solar.

    What a beautiful sight! 5 large industrial wind turbines spinning at a near furious pac,e certainly producing their peak maximum power. The blades were flexing under the strain of the load and the power was all totally free!

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