Posted by: kendra | December 29, 2008

Here’s a Nice Bike Story

Here’s a nice bike story about two 21-year old women taking off for an  adventure in 1944.   It also involves trucks and riverboats, but it’s pretty cool anyhow.   via metafilter.




  1. hmm. would be tricky without the helmet in front of me while making it, but i could always work on it at your place.

    if you buy the yarn i’d make one for you! or i have a stash of yarn too.

  2. I knew what you meant, Katie. Maybe we could head back to the yarn store?

    Anyhow, I like this bit from that story..

    Along the road that leads the way,
    We travel as it wills,
    Our hearts a guidepost good enough
    To find both dale and hill.
    Our hearts are light, our courage high,
    The way is good and broad.
    Give a cheer! Give a cheer! Give a cheer! Rah!
    Hurrah for the open road

  3. Awesome! Oh man if I read this I’m gonna want to plan a long bike ride I just know it.

  4. oh… Hurrah!

  5. Give a cheer!

    It’s kinda like one time I found a book of my Dad’s and he had written some girl’s name all over it with hearts and hubba hubba.

    Tho this story is better.

  6. What a great story (I only browsed). And they looked so good and stylish while traveling so many thousands of miles!

    No more excuses that, “I can’t ride to work. Its too far and I’ll mess up my hair!”

    I know I’m gonna get in trouble for say this but:
    This is why I’m still single since women like this were much more common 60 years ago but are a very rare bird these days indeed!

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