Posted by: kendra | December 27, 2008

Bike This Weekend Open Thread

Winter Cyclist

Originally uploaded by .eyebex

I just discovered Helmet Cozies. I wish I could knit.  Or crochet or whatever that is.

The ride last night was pretty fun, I think about 18 people?  Then some hanging out at Tito’s.  I find it really satisfying to see a bunch of bikes locked up outside someplace in Morristown.  If you aren’t hanging out here for First Night, or going to Yo La Tengo in Montclair, someone at the ride last suggested heading to the city and doing their New Year’s Eve Critical Mass Ride, which ends with a party with Rude Mechanical Orchestra.



  1. amazing photography skills

  2. So earlier today, Dave rode down to the store to pick up a couple things, and on the way back around the green someone was annoyed that he existed, and yelled at him to get over to the side, and Dave told him he needed to be in that lane. Then the guy yelled that he should at least use hand signals.

    What’s the hand signal for I’m staying in this lane?

  3. I think it’s a one finger signal.

  4. After thinking about it, I think this ride was almost more fun than the December ride. Almost! The green wasn’t very crowded, but there were some families with kids there and they kept running from one side to the other and clapping and Dave says one of the moms yelled something like ‘thanks for saving the planet’ but he is not positive about that. It could have been ‘get on the sidewalk’.

    Anyhow, fun.

  5. oops, left a comment about the cozies on the other entry. ah well.

  6. it’s going to be cooooold new year’s eve!

  7. All I gotta’ say about winter and helmets is:
    Ski Helmets!

    Never needed to worry about a cold noggin (or face when used with ski goggles) since.

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