Posted by: dean | December 23, 2008

Happy Tuesday!

fenderxmasbike-0231I went last minute Christmas shopping tonight.  Old inner tubes are good for lashing stuff to racks.



  1. That is smart, but now someone knows they are getting a toaster oven!

  2. Yeah, I always save those old tubes even with 10+ patches in them just for that purppose. Is that a DiNotte light? What do you think of them? I like the bell as well.

  3. Kinda ironic buying parts for your car (Rainx windshield wiper) and transporting them on your bike.

    Last time I did my brakes, I brought the rotors down to a garage to get them resurfaced and to buy some new pads. That was a heavy load.

  4. Yeah, hopefully the recipient wont see this! They’re getting the wiper blades too! I swear I also got them some good impractical fun gifts too!

    Yup its a DiNotte. I’ve had it about a year and a half and have had no problems with it. 4aa rechargeables, lasts me nearly 2 1/2 hours switching between hi & low power. When batteries get low it switches to ‘limp mode’ and its still fairly bright. I have the old version called the ultra 120 or something like that. The newer ones are supposed to be a bit brighter. Mine is bright enough to light my path in the rain, with oncoming cars and streetlights. Super easy on & off and easy to aim.

    This load was’nt all that heavy, maybe 25lbs total. Only trouble I had was mounting the bike! I felt so dorky! I could’nt get on the bike! I could barely lift my leg over the top tube! Should swung my leg around the handlebars instead.

  5. Riders through the snow in Alaska

  6. It is hard getting your leg over stuff, sometimes I wish I had gotten the step through frame on my breezer.

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