Posted by: kendra | December 22, 2008

Happy Monday!


Originally uploaded by maxestes

Bundle up!  It’s a little bit cold outside!

Here’s some bike stuff. Well, first here’s a link to this artist from Milwaukee, Max Estes that I discovered on flickr. Here’s some of his work featuring bikes. And here’s a link to his etsy store, where you can buy me a Tofu Timmy.

Here’s an article about bike commuting and leaner nations that my mom sent to me in the mail. I think she liked it mostly because she likes the Mast General Store,which is mentioned in the story and she also liked the idea that they pay their employees $4 a day to use their bikes or mass transit. I think if someone were to pay my mom $4 a day not to use her car, she might take them up on it.

And here’s a story about a Chatham company, MediMedia, that donates bikes to Toys for Tots. This year they donated 605, which is pretty awesome.



  1. Non-bike related, but if this blog set up some sort of deal with stop and shop to help out the food bank. Stop and Shop is donating $1 for every comment on this post, so have at it.

  2. Long johns are must in this weather!

  3. Here’s another pic in this article of a woman biking around the green in the snow:

    I know this woman used to have a cruiser bike and just recently got this trek, and I have seen her riding around for years, but she is not all braggy about it like I am.

    Winter weather-wise: here’s a thread about how the bike paths in nyc aren’t cleared very well, if at all. I have to give credit to the Morris County Parks Department, because they do a really terrific job of clearing and salting the traction line. They really go all crazy with the salt tho, so if you are walking a dog, you are best to avoid it, but for bikes and walking, it is great for being ice free and totally cleared.

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