Posted by: kendra | December 18, 2008

Winter Wonderland


Winter Wonderland

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I’m totally excited about riding in the snow tomorrow. If you need to review some tips about riding in snow, check here. I was just in King’s and it was mobbed with people stocking up on what seemed to be cookies and beer, so I think the roads should be fairly empty with everyone celebrating the snowstorm by drinking and binge eating.

You might notice the site has a little bit of a dif look, I think it looks really clean. Well, don’t get used to it, because I have some plans to make it look fancy and clutter it all up, as soon as I have time to figure it out.

The Morristown Green has a post about a lecture on the History of Cycling that is going to be held at the library on Wednesday, January 14. Awesome! It is sponsored by Marty’s, the town and the Bicycling Hall of Fame. You can get rsvp for the reception and lecture, by talking to Geoff at Marty’s.
I was actually a history and women’s studies major, so I’m looking forward to hearing some history and bike stuff. You can probably bet pretty confidently that while this guy will be talking about racing or whatever, I’ll end up asking a question like “yeah, but how were bikes connected to women’s suffrage?’

Ok! oh! And a couple people have emailed me a lot of info about who to talk to at NJDOT about my traffic light problem. I have been kinda busy walking dogs this week, but I’m going to sort it out when things slow down next week. Nothing to do with bikes or whatever, but I noticed that this year people are working up to Christmas Eve and not taking New Year’s Eve off either. I really had some plans for cookies and beer that week, but now I’ll have to wait.



  1. Here’s another link on winter biking from Rutgers. Also I saw some pretty nasty potholes this week in Morristown, take it easy!

  2. Dont think I’m brave nuf yet to try the snow. Need some practice away from rush hours. I think my park n’ ride spot would blow up too. I’m using a residential street. I imagine there are snow parking rules. Train & boots!

    I like that rutgers link!

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