Posted by: kendra | December 16, 2008

Hit and Run Driver Kills Woman in Morristown

Mount Kemble

Over the weekend, a driver hit a woman crossing from the Rebab Hospital on Mount Kemble to the parking lot for the hospital and then took off.   The article says the driver has been charged, but I’m not sure with what.  It looks like the speed limit here is 40; I actually think it is lower, but the last speed limit sign on that side of the road is way down by Springbrook, which is nearly a mile away.   I’m not sure that would have mattered in this case, since it seems like for whatever reason the driver was not paying attention and then took off.



  1. Now I don’t have any details about who had the light here, but drivers in Morristown have an awful habit of trying to make the light. It really is like there is a town rule that once the light turns red, two cars still go through. Today I saw 4 cars speed up at yellow lights, only to end up blowing through the red lights.

    I really think the town has to start ticketing people, like they did in Montclair and South Orange. At least I wish they would.

  2. And who in the hell is the intended reader of the sign in that pic? Drivers? I see it says drive carefully…something. The photographer seems to be a few feet from the sign and I cant read in that pic.
    Empty gestures.
    Why in the hell is the parking lot on the opposite side of the road? What idiot planned that one???

  3. I don’t know about that sign either! It’s fairly recent, I just noticed it for the first time a couple months ago when I was walking to the thrift store. I think maybe it is meant for the people who drove to the rehab so when they leave the parking lot they don’t hit someone? It’s a weird mix of history and a warning.

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