Posted by: kendra | December 16, 2008

Hackettstown Alley Cat

Hackettstown Alley Cat

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We stopped in Hackettstown this weekend to see how what the Alley Cat was like, and what it was like was awesome! Me and Dave just hung out and didn’t ride, but it looked like a total blast. Very clever. Stops included the Fish Hatchery Field, a baseball field where you had to hit a ball and run the bases, scrawling a chalk drawing of a farm animal outside the livestock auction, and picking up a logo napkin or cup at any one of the greater Hackettstown area Quik Cheks. Pics Here. Check out the guy who did the whole thing on a unicycle, and the 3 kids who manned the baseball field, who sorta reminded me of the kids from Dogma. I mean, in a good way.

There was also a bunny hop contest, track stand thing, and what I was really there to see, the big wheelie off.

Thanks to the people who put this together, it was really fun! Even with the trouble makers or mostly because of them.



  1. This was big fun.

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