Posted by: kendra | December 13, 2008

Holiday Shopping

Christmas Bike

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I’m trying to give simpler presents this year, like everyone in the world is, so I was totally psyched to find this list of Bike Books for Kids from Bike Portland. Thanks to Bike Montclair for the tip! I’m sure the kids will love them, and sending all this bike propaganda is really going to help our reputation as, well, us. Lots of books on that site for adults too.

If you are feeling a bit more flush, why not sponsor a bike rack in Morristown for your favorite cyclist in front of their fav destination? That would be a fantastic gift for anyone! The Morristown Partnership is going to open the sponsoring thing up to anyone, so get to it! If you sponsor one, let me know so I can add it to my imaginary bike facilities map!

Any other bike gifts that you want or are giving?  I’m actually so cheap thrifty that I’m thinking that I’m just giving Dave a picture of his actual present and then buying it after the holiday so I can get it on sale.  I don’t care, that’s just how I think.



  1. Thanks for pointing folks towards the BikePortland Bookstore. We meant it as a tool to help people educate themselves, but all purchases made through it (even books we don’t list, if you get to the store through our links) support our work at *and* help keep an awesome independent Portland bookstore in the running against Amazon et al.

    Happy holidays and happy riding!

  2. you go girl!

  3. Thanks for the link to Bike Montclair – now, we just have to get our site up and running!

    I just love Duck on a Bike – my FAVORITE.

    I forwarded the link to a local Montclair book store in hopes they’d create a special walk/bike section for kids!


  4. My son has had us read Duck on a Bike almost every night this past month. We also like The Bike Lesson. I’ve got both of them pretty well memorized by now.

  5. Hmmm…

    Wonder where that book tip originated?? (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)

  6. I told my sister in law that I sent a bunch of bike books to her kids and she totally cracked up. I think she thinks it’s funny I want to give my bike ocd to her kids.

  7. I updated the list last week with reader suggestions — you can find the kids books here:

    and our full list of books for bike geeks of all ages here:

    Thanks again for spreading the love

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