Posted by: kendra | December 9, 2008

Easy Way to Make Morristown (or any town) a Bit More Bike Friendly

A couple weeks ago, one of my friends was heading home at night and having a great time enjoying the lights and empty roads and really just having a nice relaxing ride home, when she hit a pothole and everything suddenly changed. What was an awesome time suddenly turned into a trip to Morristown Memorial and almost a week off work.

Anyhow, bright lights on your bike are good, but what you can do to easily help fix this stuff, is if you spot stuff like that in the daytime, let the town know. The Town of Morristown has a webpage where you can easily send in reports of roads that need sweeping, or if a sidewalk is overgrown with bushes and you can’t pass. Seriously, if you see something that is dangerous or annoying, let them know! They fix stuff! Seriously!



  1. Ok, here’s a couple of unrelated things to this post, as usual. First there was a story about someone on a bike getting stabbed, which you would think be my lead story, but I’m waiting for more details. Also, happily not related to stabbing at all, guess where I finally got a veggie burrito at?

  2. Assaults of bicyclists happen a little too often. I find them when I do the Bike/Ped News Digest but don’t usually include because the incidents usually did not happen because the person was riding a bike. The victim usually just happened to be on a bike which it sounds like what happened in this case.

    I have yet to read of a roadrage stabbing or shooting of bicyclist or pedestrian (in NJ at least) but if it happens, that would DEFINITELY get covered in the digest.

  3. I was in contact with njdot for a while and they were real helpful. I got an email back from the commissioner! Old 24 I’ve noticed gets swept more!

    Saw mention of ‘bike lanes’ in Netcong. They’re realigning a bunch of roads and they’re gonna be bike/ped friendly, or they say theyre gonna be.

  4. Nice re: Netcong!

    Who did you talk to at njdot? Did you just email them? I have talked to a couple people there about a left turn light I’m having problems with, but it’s still not really working.

  5. I filled out something on their website and Kris Kolluri emailed me but I dont think he/she is the commissioner anymore. email came from here:

  6. ok, when I said easy, I meant, if you like spending time on the phone.

    I am still trying to follow up on this one traffic light that is my nemesis, and I called 3 dif njdot numbers this morning, and each one kept telling me, you need to call this other number, and when I did, their first line of questioning was always, “who told you to call here, and gave you this number.” It made me feel like they thought I was just drunk dialing in traffic light problems, which I actually might do later.

  7. What wrong with the light?

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