Posted by: kendra | December 8, 2008

Dig this, gang!

Dig this, gang!

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It’s a little cold outside! What are you wearing to keep warm? I really just wear yoga pants with cold weather running tights underneath them all winter long. And lots of Cuddle Duds. Very stylish. I also like to pile on the scarfs.

The Metropolitan Diary had a bike theme letter this morning.

Happy Monday!



  1. mmmm. cold out there.
    Today I did my 8 or so miles to the office in wool hiking socks, leather soccer shoes, columbia vinylish hiking pants, poly tee shirt, poly patagonia zip up long sleeve shirt, north face wind proof jacket, wool cycling cap, windproof gloves with additional thin silk liners. I was comfy this morning. Not too hot, not too cold.
    I usually ride at a brisk pace so I try and dress so that the first 5 minutes of riding I’m chilly, when the hills come I heat up fast and end up unzippering my jacket to vent. Lots of unzippering/zippering going on when I’m on hilly rides.
    I generally dress for a bare minimum of warmth I think I’ll need when riding. Alot of times if I were to stop riding and stand around in the weather, I’d get cold for sure.
    I usually stick my head out the front door of the house before leaving and guess which clothing combinations would be best for the day.

  2. mmm. Internal hub gears sound good right now. My front derailleur cable is either icing up or filled with gunky road crud. I dont wanna ride home without my granny gear!!!

  3. Dean,
    Your awesome for ridng in the cold. I’m still riding but not as much as I should be. Btw,
    do you have spd cleats on those soccer shoes?


  4. Hi Pete, I’ve ridden through winters the past few years. Its still fun for the most part.
    No cleats, I’m using clips and straps. I have used spd’s but those metal cleats are like heat sinks in the winter.

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