Posted by: kendra | December 5, 2008

Bike This Weekend Open Thread

Railbiking on the Kinzua Viaduct

Originally uploaded by benft

This railbiking pic is really cool; has anyone ever been there? Looks like the Kinzua Viaduct was knocked down by a tornado, so not really an option anymore.

Not a pedal pusher of the week, which I realize is becoming a pedal pusher of the year feature, but check out the Daily Record profile of Ryan who works at Marty’s. Ryan put together the bicycle art show earlier this year, and is an all around nice guy. Like one time when I took my Breezer in there, he didn’t tell me that I should think about bike maintenance and oil and whatever, he said “Would you be interested in a chain that doesn’t rust?”



  1. Here’s some more pics of that rail bike, which made it to Jersey in pic 8

  2. Okay, I’m not a helmet nazi but I think it’s rather ironic that he says “the best advice (he was) ever been given… Wear a helmet,” when the pick of Ryan shows him without one.

    Also, funny that that NJ pic #8 is a mile or so from my home in Milltown. That line is active again and gets a freight train at least every other day.

  3. Bring back the trains!!!!
    but maybe not trails to rails.

  4. Yeah, I think Marty must have been standing next to him when he said that.

  5. meh, I’ve heard spouting about helmets actually makes cycling ‘seem’ more dangerous, that helmet laws for kids make parents nervous, keeps the kids off bikes. I dunno I mostly wear one, I used to be a helmet nazi, but I’m starting to think to each their own… Perceived risk is very subjective.

  6. Have a done a helmet post? I have been looking at all these helmets I really like that look like hats or are funny, but they are only for sale in Europe. What’s the dif between standards?

    Dave got a helmet that looks like a hunting hat; I think it really works with the John Deere color scheme of his bike.

  7. I just same those helmets for the first time while I was in Philly on Friday. Pretty cool looking. They are multi-sport so they can be used for skate, snow and bike and have liners to make them warmer in winter. Probably all they needed to do was pass all the ANSI tests for each sport group (which are all very similar anyway) and poof! Multi-sport Helmet!

    I wish they would test ski helmets for bicycle use since they make perfect winter bicycle helmets complete with goggle compatibility for those really cold commutes.

    And Dean, I totally agree with you. All this, “Wear a helmet because if you don’t your brains will splatter all over the roadway because riding a bike is SO dangerous,” has been highly counterproductive for the sport as you point out.

  8. I just SAW those helmets! ARGHH!

  9. On thing about helmets; Dave didn’t wear one until he got the Bern. What is interesting to me, is no one ever asked him why he didn’t wear a helmet, they would come up to me and ask me why he didn’t wear a helmet, even if he was standing next to me.

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