Posted by: kendra | November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Ride


Originally uploaded by heyluke

If anyone wants to go for a bike to somewhere on Thanksgiving, meet up outside Jersey Boy Bagels on South Street at noon, and we’ll head out for a meandering slow ride, or a more direct slow ride.



  1. We rode out to see a George Washing monument I passed this morning on the 5k; it was a stone just saying Washington past that spot on the way back from Princeton. Headed into Madison and had a green tea at drip just before they closed.

    Like I keep pointing out to people I did a 5k this morning; I signed up for it right after my last visit to see my parents and I had to run for a plane and thought I was going to have a heart attack. Anyhow, I didn’t really practice for it, but finished in 38 minutes, which for me is pretty awesome.

    There was one hill that was sorta hard, but I kept thinking about Dave telling me I can do it, just put it in a low gear, so I did. Mentally, because in reality I only have that one gear.

  2. Kendra, You rock for doing a 5K!!! I did go for a short ride and hacked up a lung in the process. Since I was coughing so much, I decided it would be best not to be social, so I never made it to Jersey Boy.
    Low gear is great advice. Not only on the bike but in life as well.

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