Posted by: kendra | November 24, 2008

Santa Comes to Town On Friday, Just In Time for the Ride

It is pretty awesome that Santa Claus is arriving on the green at the same time as the Morristown Critical Mass Ride this Friday. If don’t want to ride the ride, bring your kids down to the green at 6:30 to see Santa and cheer some bikes!

Also, possible after ride get together at Tito’s Burritos, which may be open on Friday. I’ll check tomorrow, but they swear it’s a go. Sona Thirteen! They are supposed to have a gigantic beer list, so swing by after the ride and grab a pint! Tito’s is still finishing up some details and is hoping for a Monday opening.




  1. I thought that said “ELVIS Wanted!”

  2. That would be awesome if a bunch of Elvis people showed up, but now I’m thinking an Elvis is Everywhere Ride is on my list.

  3. Hah! That video was great!

    Call the ride – “Elvilution!”

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