Posted by: kendra | November 14, 2008

Bike This Weekend Open Thread

It was just under a year ago that I predicted that Morristown could be the new Portland based on Van Dessel moving into the old auto stereo place on Market Street. Well, it might take a little bit longer, because now they found a better deal on rent and are moving to Mendham. I’m really sorry to see them go, but I’m hoping they will become hugely successful and move back into town, maybe so successful they take off the mini dealership building, which seems to be up for rent now. I’m going to miss stopping in their shop and dumping a bunch of bike ideas on them and then quickly taking off. I’m pretty sure that kind of behavior really did not make them leave tho.

Also adios to Michael Schower, who might have been the first person I didn’t really know who posted a comment on this blog, who suddenly moved away when he got a new job; he did drop me an email bragging about all the bike commuters in his new town, so I’m trying to be happy for him. I do feel a little bit bad that I never awarded him an imaginary award like best dressed bike commuter, but I think he is ok with it now. Anyhow, thanks for hanging out in Morristown and always being nice about my emails trying to get you to a meeting. Good luck!

I found out some stuff about the progress of the bike racks this week, so maybe tomorrow I’ll fill you in. I’m trying to spread out the little bit of news I actually have, so I don’t have to put up more blingee pics of my bike.

Also, I haven’t forgotten about the pedal person of the week, which is now the occasional pedal person of the week. My camera is a bit broken right now, but I swear it will happen again. Honest.

Ride on!



  1. Victor Weinreber, the bike guy going around the world who stopped by Morristown and rode our Critical Mass ride in August, has decided to come back to the states! Why would he do that?

  2. I’ve been reading Victor’s blog since he started his tour and I’m sad to see it come to an end. To his credit, 546 days is a really nice tour. I think he had what it takes to have completed the tour but I guess love is just too powerful. I’m sure whatever he decides to do in life, he will still be keeping it rubber side down.

  3. I thought the end of his tour story was pretty sweet, and I might have to start using it myself when taking about me and dave, like telling people “he was along the Rhine at a place called the ‘romantic road’ and decided he had to come find me,” instead of being honest and saying I just showed up with my cat and said I was visiting for the next 5 years.

    I really enjoyed his blog too, and hope he lets people know what he does in the future!

  4. I took my xtracycle over to Madison and loaded it up more than last week!

    week 2 of groceries in the xtraycle

  5. I went for a quick 75 minute or so ride up into the hills around the northwest side of town. Its been a long time since I’ve ridden alone and with no destination, just exploring. Chilly windy day, headwinds only for a bit and got some good pushes up some hills, thats a great feeling, that free speed. The countryside of course was wonderful up on the roads wayyyyy less traveled. I smell burning wood, it smells old. The bike disappears under me and its easy to pretend I’m in another time, maybe 2 centuries earlier when I see the old lonely red doored hilltop church lovingly constructed from fieldstone and simple rustic yet stately farmhouses surrounded by worm fence. A cluster of old buildings, a few homes and a mill, a town! Rugged subsistence farmer type folks homesteading in a land still inhabited by rogue Indian tribes and mountain lions. The open farm fields are safe feeling but whats lurking out in the woods? The fact that almost no cars are out on these roads helps keep me in this mindset nearly the whole ride, only being rudely interrupted by a couple of noisey leaf blowers. Big climbing but generally pretty gradual…great view of the ridge that Jenny Jump State Park sits on (I dunno the proper name for it) and some more climbing to a Water Gap view! Long downhill back into town and this ride is over way too soon. Got some Rico Pan & big can o’ beer on the way home.

  6. cheer up kendra!

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