Posted by: kendra | November 10, 2008

Palm Bar Hosts Benefit for Local Cyclist This Thursday

Earlier this year, Tony Cannilla was riding his bike along Punchbowl Road and was hit by a car; there is going to be a fundraiser on Thursday to help him and his family out with his medical expenses at the Palm Bar, which is located on John Street in Morristown.  The fundraiser starts at 6:30, and is $40 at the door, and has an open bar, some food, and a silent auction.   Be there!

I just posted a longer post at the Morristown Green blog about it, but it would be great if some cyclists would show up; I’m sure we can all imagine what kind of bills are rolling in.



  1. I cant really afford to go but I was wondering about the details of the accident. I seem to recall the car driver and cyclist both ran stop signs.

  2. I didn’t ask him about it, but I think the news reports at the time said both the bike and car didn’t stop, and the driver of the car was talking on a cell phone and was 16 and maybe not supposed to be driving alone?

  3. Well if that is’nt the perfect storm.

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