Posted by: kendra | November 8, 2008

Saturday Morning Coffee Talk: Driven to Despair and It’s a New Day

Hey!  I’m still in a great mood, and I have watched this video, It’s a New Day, that I saw on Oprah yesterday a million times and now I’m all like yes, it is true, we can!  I’m also still pretty excited about my xtracycle, which I’m going to put the lights on later today, and after that it should look something like this:


Anyhow, I have been reading some xtracycle messages boards, and someone posted this PBS video of a NOW episode, “Driven to Despair,” about gas, housing prices and transportation things.  It’s really interesting.  Have some coffee and watch it!  It’s a little bit of a downer, but after you watch it, you can go back and watch that It’s a New Day Video again!

Yeah, I watch Oprah!  If you don’t, you probably missed this episode, where Oprah and Lance go on a bike ride!



  1. hahaha
    thanks for the links
    nice bike
    Kunstlercast #37 is pretty good

  2. Thanks for following them! Now that I’ve started with the blingee, it’s hard to stop. Dave suggests I try to keep my songs and blingee pics confined to myspace, whih is probably a good idea. I kinda felt like this post was just a few clicks away from turning this blog into my twitter stream, if I had one, but you know I will start in with it, as soon as people move onto something else.

    I’m going to start using my ipod and listen to the kunstlercasts; yesterday when it was raining, I spent the day lazing around and listening to TED talks, and I see he has a speeeh there too.

  3. I was wondering if we could exchange links. We are an up an coming bicycle safety foundation here in NJ, and looking to get our name out there. Please check out our site and contact me if we can exchange links.

    Thank you and have a great day!

  4. I love your xtracycle! The blingee is a nice touch. Hope to see you at the trails conference at Bloustein on Thursday.

  5. I can’t make it t the conference this week, but I wish I could. The last one was really great.

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