Posted by: kendra | November 7, 2008

Bike This Weekend Open Thread


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Hey! The weather looks like is going to be awesome this weekend, with maybe a little bit of rain tomorrow afternoon. Nice!

I’m going to try to take my xtracycle over to Madison and load it up with some groceries and see how that goes. I wanted to do a yard sale ride on Saturday, but sadly it looks like yard sale season is over.

At the Morristown Critical Mass ride in August, Victor Weinreber showed up on his bike ride around the planet, and he flew out to Ireland a few days after the ride. It looks like he has made it all the way to Germany now, check it out!



  1. Gotta rear flat this morning on 24 near Delbarton. Could’nt find the cause after a quick look (I was already running late for work) so I just threw a new tube in. Get going and couple miles, poof, blow out nearing the Green, in traffic! Darn. Walked to the sidewalk. Took me a while to find the 1/8″ slit in the sidewall, big enough for the tube to pop out of. Patched the tube, and made a little tire boot out of some old street foil and duct tape I had in my bag. Pain in the butt, wish I looked a bit harder that first flat.

    Where should I ride this weekend?

  2. Nice xtracycle!

  3. Yard sale season is never over!

  4. I thought yard sale season never ended too, but I couldn’t find any in town on Craigslist. I should check the paper?

  5. ok, well, it looks like the Meyersville Grange Antique Market is open already for the season, I think everyone should just ride out there.

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