Posted by: kendra | October 30, 2008

Quick Post!

Wallenda rides

Originally uploaded by fixedgear

The waking/bike thing at Rutgers yesterday was pretty awesome, and really informative, and you might be interested to know that it really made me rethink some things I had been hoping for, like I no longer believe the city should install a bike lane that glitters that runs from my apartment directly to Raul’s Empanadas. At least not as the first step. There were a lot of great speakers that shared some really cool things that they are doing all over New Jersey, and it was all very inspiring.
I’m going to let everything soak in over the weekend, and post more details sometime in the future.

Also some other things happing like the totally fun Halloween Ride is tomorrow, so get a costume or come as yourself and meet up at town hall at 6:30. I also I have a totally cool bike theme sticker that you will totally love that is getting designed by a real artist from Brooklyn, so you know it will be totally hipster-ish. Or cool. Or whatever is in with the kids right now. Because I’m down with that.

I used this picture because it’s fun and freaks me out a little bit, because I’m scared of heights, which is something I discovered on my trip to the Grand Canyon. Here’s a story on this guy who is not scared of heights and probably would not have to crawl his way back from the observation point.

And finally if you are friend of mine and trying to call me for some reason, don’t bother, because I broke my cell phone and won’t answer. Try the old-timey way of stopping by to say hi instead.



  1. speaking of empanadas….how about meeting for one (or five) sometime soon?

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