Posted by: dean | October 30, 2008

Bike Video Thursday

A good old half gallon of Breyers Ice Cream is now a disappointing 1.5 quarts.  These folks are angry enough to do something about it.



  1. Nice! I always wondered why we did that with our pedals, since one really made handmade churned/turned ice cream very often, it was like we just instinctively knew that turning a pedal leads to good things, like ice cream.

    So, then after watching this, I started thinking about ice cream, and thought of Jonathan Richman’s Ice Cream Man, and then the Beastie Boys’ Cooky Puss.

    This Cookie Puss?

  2. mmm- Cookie Puss & Fudgie the Whale. I love the cake crunches in the middle.

  3. Oooooo Johnathan Richmond….
    Off topic but just as cool as ice cream (get it?)
    One of my favorite bands is the Modern Lovers. Johnathan Richmond fronted with Jerry Harrison (later in the talking Heads) and David Robinson (later drummed for The Cars).
    Oh and ice cream rules too.
    Take listen.


  5. I love Jonathan and the Modern Lovers too!

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