Posted by: kendra | October 28, 2008

More News on the Bicycle Hall of Fame

The Morristown Green blog has an update on what’s happening with the Bicycle Hall of Fame, with some pics of what it might be like if it were to move to Morristown.  


Anyhow, awesome job by the people working on this.



  1. I can’t tell exactly what is happening in the front because I think I need glasses, but it would be awesome if in the sketches that make it after this had some bike folks riding by with and not a car. Or a car and a bike? I just like bikes. I think maybe there are little people on bikes in the front.

  2. Thats a car. I think I may see a bike lane.

  3. Yeah, I feel like I am being a little bit nitpicky tho!

    I was thinking that this blog is just over one year old, I think, and I need to go over what has happened in Morristown bike-wise this last year, and do a state of the bike blog post. I think things are getting pretty bike friendly in Morristown, even if it is just in my mind.

    If they manage to pull off bringing the Hall of Fame here, I think it will become a lot easier to turn Morristown into Portland over the next 20 years.

    On a totally dif subject, but one that is on my mind right now, I really need to get some new raingear. The waterproof part of my coat and pants is totally gone.

  4. Hey! I heard from someone who saw this picture with better vision than me that that is a bunch of bike parking in front. Anyhow, pretty awesome if this works out!

  5. You mean this Greensboro, North Carolina makes the final 4? What a joke?

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