Posted by: kendra | October 28, 2008

Bike Blog Stats: Get ‘Em Here

I’m going to the walking and biking seminar at Rutgers tomorrow, and I’m pretty psyched about it.  There are quite a few people going from this area, and I can’t wait to hear what they have to say about making your town (and mine) more walking and bike friendly.  In the meantime, here are some blog stats you can ponder while you wait for Dean to come up with something for Bike Video Thursday.

I have no idea what is good or bad for a blog, since previously I only tried to blog about what I ate, and it was so boring, even I couldn’t read it.  I like to think that all these views are separate people wanting to bike in Morristown though, not spammers. If you do think it is mostly spammers, don’t tell me, I like being in denial.

Views of This Blog by Month:

November 2007:  344

December 2007:  307

January 2008:  799

February 2008:  565

March 2008:  571

April 2008:  572

May 2008:  823

June 2008:  1,241

July 2008:  1,721

August 2008:  1,432

September 2008:  1,671

October (so far):  1,193

Most Popular Posts:

Apartment and Condos:  Where do you keep your bike 202 views

Ride, Your Bike, Write a Letter: 196 Views  (I totally admit I have not written any letters yet, but you totally should)

Bike Friendly Towns in New Jersey:  176

2 Men on a Bike Hit by a Car in Lake Hiawatha:  160

Art Bikes at Burning Man:  156

If this picture had a thought bubble:  154

I love Raul’s Empanadas:  150

I am interested in a bike group that has a catchy name:  122

Friday Friday Friday! Art of the Bicycle Show in Morristown: 121

Highway Biking:  116

Crazy Kids:    112

I’m not sure what post had the most comments, but I’m sure it was one of Dean’s.  The kids love him.  I also don’t know what the most popular search is that leads to this blog, but I am going to say that is def some version of “Bike Friendly New Jersey Town”.

Anyhow, if you want to be a poster, drop me a line at  That’s it!  You will be!



  1. Also, I think the second most popular search is people looking for how to store their bikes in apartments. So it’s not just me!

    Unfortunately, as I had to admit to Dave, my post was mostly complaining and not helpful unless you can convince your building to get a bike room.

  2. The third most popular search is probably people looking for Raul’s Empanadas.

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