Posted by: kendra | October 24, 2008

Bike This Weekend Open Thread

April Fool’s Fun Ride 2008

Originally uploaded by 36_frames

Here’s an open thread! Worried about your job? I am! Here’s a link from BikePortland listing bike related jobs in Brigadoon.

Have a great weekend!



  1. We went into the city yesterday, and I noticed I few covered bike racks around that were totally full of bikes. They look like this. I think the one wall with the bike map of the city is a nice touch.

  2. Maybe bike racks in Morristown could have maps too. Particularly because after living here for 11 years, I’d be really interested to know where in the world Black Lake is.

  3. I found out where it is; it’s just outside the town of Morristown, New York!

  4. All day I had seen the fast bike guy with white hair riding helmetless through the neighborhood. I even drove by him a couple towns over and wanted be him on this fine autumn day. I had time to kill late Sunday and some errands to run so I got psyched up to ride. I rode past some bmx dudes who did’nt heckle me all helmeted and signaling left on my way to the park. A couple blocks away is a park that sits on old fish farm land, so there is lots of water and grass to ride around, all next to the river. Very scenic, today lots of dog walkers, duck feeders, leaf peepers, joggers, and a not so intense pick up volleyball game, they really seemed to be carrying the ball on every ‘hit’, my friends and I would’nt put up with those moves if we were playing. In the open field next to the river a crazy squirrel crossed right the heck between my tires for no good reason, I was surprised he made it out fine, and I guess he was too because he ran over to the side and looked me right in the eye and did a celebratory front flip, little daredevil. Leaving that park, there is a well groomed wide trail that goes maybe half mile into another park, took a muddy corner a little fast and fishtailed a bit and reached the old bridge crossing long since washed out. There were 2 kayakers, maybe wondering how to get around the crappy bridge and a girl reading a book on the bench overlooking the scene. Crossing the river here would get me to Blockbuster Video pretty quick, during the summer I could walk across the crap bridge with bike on my shoulder to the other side of the river, but with the recent rain, no way. So out to the main road. Passed a guy on a longboard skateboard. The guy has gotta be over 35, and riding a longboard, a sure sign that the world aint that bad. Made it to Blockbuster taking the lane when the highway gets shoulderless. Picked out the new Indiana Jones to try to continue the adventure. Next stop is the grocery store. Some nasty roads between here and there but not for me. Took the back way through the condos and out through the cemetery. Made the easy climb up to Tillie Smiths grave since its a great view, and the light is fading fast making for a slighly spooky time. Nice! In the calm quiet neighborhood streets I yelled out ‘boo’ to a guy who was adorning his yard with halloween decorations. I know I did’nt scare him but I hope he did’nt think I was being a jerk, I was just being a nerd. No problems biking the unfriendly to the non-motoring public road (such a shame; the shopping center I’m heading to is surrounded by hundreds of homes, if anyone tried walking from their homes to the shopping, they’d likely be scared to death) Front door parking at the shopping center like always, sweet. Had to beg the checkout gal to keep filling my shopping bag and not use those pesky plastic bags, I explain I need one bag to throw into my shopping bag pannier mounted on my bike while shes looking at me like I’m a dork, so I fill my own bag and giver her her plastic ones back. Back on the bike, rolling home, man this bike handles well with nearly 30lbs of groceries. Get to an intersection at the shopping center and stare at a red barn in a farm field still holding on for dear life between strip malls. Switch on the lights and take the easy way home through the little sidewalk to the high school avoiding a minor hill. Passed 2 more bmx dudes, twins actually, with little white boy afro hair. They actually stopped at a stop sign, respecting my right of way through the intersection. Nice! Made it home no problem. Man that was a nice relaxing ride.

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