Posted by: kendra | October 17, 2008

Pedal Person of the Week: Eiko


Eiko – an inspiration!

Originally uploaded by theskepticaloptimist

I stumbled on this story by The Skeptical Optimist on his Flickr Page, and I think he is totally right on about how Eiko is an inspiration. If you meet up with an interesting person while out on your bike or they are on their bike, and you know you do, write it up and post it or send it in to

Eiko – an inspiration!

This is Eiko, an 83-year-old lady who just rode her bicycle 150 miles in two days for the MS-150 City to Shore ride, to raise money for multiple sclerosis. It was truly an honor and an inspiration to be in the ride with her and to talk with her.
This is her 25th year doing the ride, so to honor her achievement, she was joined by 19 of her family members–children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren. They flew in from all over the country, formed Team Eiko, and rode with her.

As she does every year, she rides in a skirt and pumps. She rides a lady’s bike, sitting very upright, and there’s a big basket on the front of the bike. She greets everyone and wishes all of us a good ride.

She hasn’t retired yet, and still works as a massage therapist. She even gave massages to some of the MS patients that she met along the ride.

Amazingly, she doesn’t train at all for this ride. She’s just in naturally good shape! Her bike hangs in the garage, and the week before the ride, her great-grandson gets it down for her.

The ride started outside Philadelphia, in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, before dawn. It goes southeast across the state to the Jersey Shore, at Ocean City, where we slept overnight and then rode back the next day.

What a lady!



  1. She is awesome.

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