Posted by: kendra | October 15, 2008

Thursday Night, Just go to a Meeting Already

I know that I am always pushing meetings; I actually am not a big fan of meetings, like I wish they could happen at a picnic or at a pub instead of conference table or classroom, but they never do. I usually go because I think it is important to keep on keeping on and bringing up bike stuff.

Anyhow, tomorrow night at Freylinghuysen Arboretum in Morristown Township is another meeting you should be at. Starting at 5:30, and presented by Morris County and the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority, this is a workshop that is looking for input from you and people like you on land use and where to invest transportation style dollars over the NEXT 25 YEARS.. Here’s a link to the press release, and to a blurb in the Star Ledger today.

I will totally buy anyone who goes a beer at Sona Thirteen afterwards if they ride back with me. Don’t forget your lights!

Update: If you know you are going to skip this, take this online survey on transportation instead!


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