Posted by: kendra | October 14, 2008

Bicycle Swap Weekend

This weekend was pretty awesome, and I went with Dave to the Bicycle Flea Market Swap Thing at the Velodrome in the Lehigh Valley. It was pretty huge, and pretty cool because even tho I have driven by the velodrome on the way to the Kutztown flea market, I’ve never stopped there. Anyhow, saw about 5 people from the Morristown bike ride, both shopping and running their own booths. Dave picked up some bike parts, and I did pretty good on not buying a lot of junk I wanted but didn’t need.

I was really tempted by some old Schwinn dealer posters, including some about the GREAT SCHWINN SHORTAGE OF 1972. I had no idea that even happened! I did buy one thing, a super cool coloring book by bicycle artist Taliah Lempert. I first saw some of her paintings online a few years ago and thought then and still do think that they are fantabulous. She has also made some spokecards for Transportation Alternatives (scroll drown!) that have some of her art on one side, and then on the other side is a Crash Checklist. Very clever. Anyhow, I was totally excited to meet her and see her art in person, and prolly a little dorky about it, which is pretty typical. I didn’t ask for her autograph tho.

Other things happening this week is that I am being pushed into working on my trash-find Schwinn Varsity. I am told that it is fun to do the work yourself, but to be honest, I’m a little skeptical. I’ll give it a try. Still am not sure if I will keep it, since Dean says five bikes are the limit, but I’m sure a good home will turn up for it if I don’t.

If you ever do head out to the velodrome or the Kutztown flea market, take the old road and not the new fancy 4 lane road once you get off 78. On the old road, you’ll pass one guy who has a yard full of old bicycles he has fixed up, and besides him there are tons of yard sales and they all seem to have lots of bike stuff.



  1. haha, welp I said 5 cause I’ve got 4 and I’m happy. Though I’m pretty sure another bike could still easily follow me home.

  2. Here they are:

    Mountain bike, fun fixed gear bike, fancy go fast bike, and lock it up anywhere commuter/errand bike.
    Thats what I tell everyone when they say whaaat! 4 bikes!?

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