Posted by: dean | October 14, 2008

Faster than a speeding Porsche

Alot of days I’m passed by a sweet new black Porsche 911, both going to and coming from work. I know its the same dude cause his car sounds so growly. Sounds like Grahgrahahahgrahahahahahahah. It actually sounds semi-awesome. Anyway, he passed me today on Rt. 24 a couple miles outta Morristown ,grahghrahahahagrahgrahgrah going maybe 45mph and I’m doing 10mph up a long hill going about my business, actually taking things a bit easy cause I somehow pulled my calf muscle a bit yesterday.  I’m having a nice little ride and I actually passed Mr. Porsche back about 3 miles later nearing the Green in Mo’town. It was extra trafficky for the cars today and he was waiting in a long line of cars at a light (I recently started splitting the lane & jumping the line if all is clear & safe). It felt really awesome. And he did’nt pass me back, although he could of just taken a different route, I’m pretending that I totally beat him. 



  1. I think you did beat him!

  2. I often wonder if it is my imagination, but when I am cruising past cars in traffic, I notice some cars try their hardest to speed up in order to beat me. Then I breeze past them while they get stuck behind more traffic.

    I always imagine them with a flustered look ala George Costanza when his parking spot gets stolen by the guy who drove head in to grab it.

  3. You sure did beat him. After work he’ll drive 20 minutes to go work out at the gym for an hour and then drive 20 minutes back. Meanwhile you’ll be laying back at home having already gotten your workout or even better,you’ll be going for another bikeride!

    Never mind all the time spent working for the car (even though I do like fast cars).

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