Posted by: kendra | October 10, 2008

Bike This Weekend Open Thread


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I know this is not a bike, but it is still people powered, so I’m going with it. This guy (wavedog, and I’ll dig up his website later) lives in Madison and had some art at the bicycle art show at Marty’s earlier this year. I saw him and this awesome crazy 2 dunny soap box derby car at the Morristown festival. Guess what? He is trying to set up some sort of arty soap box derby in Morristown. Once I dig up his info, you can bug him about it. That would be really cool.

Also there is some sort of bike swap in Trexlertown this weekend. I know that is in Pennsylvania. I think we are going and then going to the flea market in Kutztown.

Also, in case you missed it, there is a new bar, Sona Thirteen, opening up where Funky Monkey used to be, and they have 45 craft beers, and some sort of other fancy beer setup on the bar to keep your beer cold. Hang out there and ask them to get a bike rack or two in front! Bikers like beer!



  1. I found a Schwinn Varsity in the trash yesterday that is awesome! I pumped up the tires and rode it home.

    How many bikes are too many?

  2. 5

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