Posted by: kendra | October 4, 2008

Tonight at the Community Theatre! Be There!

So all this week there have been events around town where people could talk to a team of architects, the American Institute of Architects Sustainable Design Assessment Team. I found out it about a little late and only could make it to one full meeting, which was yesterday. I showed up with some ideas that I felt would make the town better and a bad attitude, along with a cranky disposition. Guess what? It was really interesting! It wasn’t about architecture at all, it was about people and I was very surprised to hear that other people had run into the same problems that led to my cranky disposition, but at least this meeting was about how Morristown deals with communication and I loved it. Very awesome.

Anyhow, tonight at 6:30 at the Community Theatre, there is an event where you can ask questions and also I think they are going to talk about their ideas for Morristown. I’m really excited about it! Hope to see you there! I’m thinking empanadas after?



  1. Here’s a Morristown Green post with a link to a clip of Marty talking about it!

  2. wow, that was awesome. There was a lot of talk about bikes tonight, and there were several counci members there, and I am still feeling pretty optimistic and warm and fuzzy about the whole thing.

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